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Auditorium | KASUGA ENTERPRISES Auditorium Consultant in Mumbai India

Welcome to Auditorium Design by KASUGA ENTERPRISES Consultants in Mumbai India.

We are global independent theater consultants, acoustics consultants, and AV consultants on all aspects of the design of performing arts and creative media spaces including auditoria, drama studios, dance studios, voice/audio recording studios, radio studios, film studios, TV studios and music rooms in the theater, education, architectural and professional markets. We can get involved at any stage of a project from providing feasibility studies during the initial stages, through to general and/or detailed design, layout and finished, planning, provision of full technical design and specifications for all specialist lighting, sound, av, audio visual, video, communications, stage engineering and seating systems.


We provide a comprehensive range of solutions to building professionals and owners whether it be for a simple refurbishment of a small school drama studio or design of a new build auditorium or renovation of an existing theater or TV studio. If you need to develop your vision into reality, ensure your building is fit for purpose as a venue for performances, events and productions or simply need advice on how to move forward, we are here to help.


Ideally the theater consultant should be appointed before an plans are put down on paper as we can provide valuable insight and advice on the specialist elements of theater design. We are independent of all suppliers and installers so can recommend equipment and companies that are ideally suited to the specific project and can openly discuss budgets and value engineering. 


This is why KASUGA ENTERPRISES is different. Because our consultants combine technical skill with a performing arts background, they understand how to make every aspect of the venue work – from creating perfect sightlines to fitting technical staging into awkward spaces.

It’s the heart of the venue. And when it’s designed with flair and technical skill, an auditorium makes every performance memorable.

At KASUGA ENTERPRISES, we balance the demands of audiences and performers with the practicalities of sightlines, circulation and seating – all within the architect’s aesthetic. 

We can advise on all areas of design, including:


  • Intimate auditorium concepts
  • Optimized sightlines
  • Seating layouts
  • Integration of technical installations
  • Renovation and adaptation of existing spaces
  • Computer modeling 
  • Advice on technical equipment and stage engineering solutions